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I'm a freelance photographer living in Berlin.

Food photography is my passion for years,

because I like the colors, the textures and of course the smell of good food.

In my full equiped studio with a kitchen I got everything which is necessary and useful for a successful photoshooting.

On the other hand I like to work on location, meet with the chefs and catch up the athmosphere of the restaurants. 

My preference is light is daylight, when I use flashlight I try to create a daylight feeling, like the sunny light in the morning or the soft light of a cloudy afternoon.

Most of the time I shoot with a medium format camera which gives me the maximun in details and textures. If you like to see more images or purchase one visit www.stockfood.de


Vinum, Tre Torri, Dorling Kindersley, Suhrkamp, Rowohlt, Vinum, Der Feinschmecker, Petra, FürSie, Vital, Stern, Der Spiegel, Geo, neo2, Das Magazin, BrigitteWoman, Rocket Internet SE, Goldhorn Beef Club, Monsieur Vuong, Herz&Niere, Hot Spot, FischerAppelt, Guhl, Langnese, Coca-Cola, Meine gute Landküche, Handelsblatt, u.a.

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